Nastran or Samcef with Python, Ruby, VBA, C#, excel...

A Library distributed under LGPL license that allows you to automate the post-processing of Nastran and Samcef  finite element results

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FeResPost downloads

FeResPost Downloads

Latest version is version 4.5.2!


One distributes two archives containing the examples. (The content of these two files are the same.)
The examples contain a small satellite Nastran finite element model, and numerous post-processing examples :
Some of these examples are very small and illustrate simple extraction of results from XDB or OP2 files, with a very limited number of manipulations. But one also proposes examples corresponding to entire post-processing projects that could be used readily in a real project. (These examples are provided as Ruby programs, or in excel workbooks.)

One suggest however, that the user reads the examples in the order in which they are defined, starting with the ruby examples, as this is the only way to really understand the use of FeResPost objects.


As FeResPost is distributed under the LGPL license, the sources are also distributed for re-compilation or modification and re-distribution :
(See also the "last contributions" below.)

Binaries and older versions

Binaries are distributed for several versions of FeResPost and include ruby extensions for Linux and Windows, COM component for Windows, and a .NET assembly. The FeResPost C++ library is also distributed for latest versions, but one recommends to use static linking for your own programs and to recompile yourself the FeResPost classes.

Sources of FeResPost are distributed for the different published versions of the library. These include the C/C++ sources, the examples, and possibly the PDF manual.

Because the submission of a new official issue of FeResPost is time consuming, one often publishes "un-official" distributions of the current version including small bug-fixes. Therefore, we suggest FeResPost users to regularly check the LAST CONTRIBUTIONS for latest sources or binaries.

Third party contributions

One also distributes a third-party contribution, but without any support :
Finally, HDF5 shared libraries are redistributed in directory HDF5_REDISTR.